PD+I returns for 2016


The must-attend event for industrial designers, PD+I is pleased to announce its London return for 2016, on 18th and 19th May, with this year’s theme ‘Design thinking for now and beyond.’

This unique two-day conference will once again take place at London’s America Square conference centre, with the popular return of Chris Lefteri in the chair. Chris is the internationally renowned authority on materials and their applications in design, editor and creative director of Ingredients magazine, and founder and owner of Chris Lefteri Design Ltd.

Another familiar face welcomed back is Gus Desbarats, Founder and Chairman at Alloy and Chairman of the British Industrial Design Association (BIDA), Gus joins the speaker lineup this year with a keynote that asks the question: What BIDA is doing for the UK’s Industrial-Design professionals?

On his involvement with PD+I 2016, Gus comments: “BIDA has supported PD+I since its earliest planning stages, so we are delighted with the ongoing success of the event. It is proof positive that the UK has a strong Industrial Design community with many good reasons to come together. We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

PD+I is the only conference which truly allows delegates to get under the skin of the hottest new trends, technologies, materials and processes in industrial design. It is also a fantastic platform from which to discover new opportunities and how to apply them to future commercial growth. Delegates and speakers from Europe, North America and Asia are being drawn in from well-known brands, design leaders and personalities from the worlds of advertising, management consulting and technology.

Already confirmed topics include: Nobody Needs Another Designer, How Design Can Contribute to the Prosperity of Nations, The Art of the Unexpected, Proportionate Protection, The Future of Urban Mobility, From Crystal Ball to Cultural Forge and Happaratus. A series of case histories and factual stories will feature about how design thinking is changing and being utilised by the industry for Product and Industrial Designs of the future, appealing to delegates of many disciplines.

With more than 200 delegates expected to attend, the potential for networking and building invaluable contacts within this specialist area is second to none.

For more information, please visit the website.

Great feedback from PD+I 2015


The fifth anniversary event of PD+I took place on 20 and 21 May at the America Square Conference Centre in London, and as in previous years, the conference didn’t disappoint. With a great line-up of speakers from big name brands and design groups including Whipsaw, McLaren, Williams Advanced Engineering, Plan, Mormedi, Bacardi and Speedo, the industrial design dialogue inside and outside the conference sessions was enthusiastically received. “There are a lot of designers here, typically when I go to conferences there is a higher number of clients, so this really is product designers learning from each other,” said Heather Martin, Vice President of Design at Smart Design. Hear more of the great response from PD+I 2015 participants in our video.

Tej Chauhan to tell us how he teamed up with Tesco on Hudl2


At PD+I 2015, delegates will be hearing how Tej Chauhan, creative director of Chauhan Studio and one of the many speakers at the conference, collaborated with Tesco to design the Hudl2 tablet.

Chauhan will use the Hudl2 as an example of how design DNA and balancing customer brand design language can deliver enhanced propositions and commercial success. The tablet has an easily recognisable visual identity, with carefully designed surface finishes, colours, and materials, plus the arrangement of the camera, speaker details and display forms a simple yet strong pattern.

He said: “We wanted to create a beautiful object that conveyed confidence and communicated the Hudl2’s technical acumen, whilst being friendly and accessible for a broad audience. Our goal was to create an object that people will want to pick up.”

Keith Metcalfe, the head of Hardware Product Development at Tesco, praised Chauhan and his team’s work: “Working with Chauhan Studio on Hudl2 has been an absolute pleasure and we could not have asked for a more productive partnership. Chauhan Studio always took time to listen to us in order to understand what the Hudl brand stands for. They then came back with ideas and concepts turning that understanding into product designs that we knew our customers would be excited about.”

Find out how to register for PD+I 2015 in London on 20-21 May.

Benjamin Chia to reveal Silicon Valley’s secrets


With wearables and mobility on the agenda at PD+I 2015, delegates can benefit from the perspective of Benjamin Chia, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and Partner at San Jose based elemental8, who is in the exciting lineup of speakers.

Benjamin’s extensive experience as he takes to the stage to offer a flavour of how Silicon Valley adopts a multidisciplinary approach to industrial design, using a user centric and brand relevant mentality to deliver a truly comprehensive and cohesive user experience.

He said: “We’re always excited to talk about what we do here in Silicon Valley in terms of user experience, finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and function of physical products and applying to the user interface. PD+I 2015 is particularly exciting as we recognise the conference’s ability to bring industrial leaders and other like-minded people together in one place, and that place is London, so we can reach out and talk about the Silicon Valley approach to a UK and European audience.”

Pulling power: a zip that goes round curves


The zip fastener is a product that is over 100 years old. Yet, in all that time no-one has come up with a design that allows zips to go round a curve. Wendy Howard and her partners Andy Honour and Ray Pitman think they have come up with the answer and are looking for manufacturers with the vision to take their innovation into production, writes David Eldridge. Read our feature on the design and development of ZipZag. Wendy Howard will be presenting at PD+I 2015, discussing How to Improve the Effectiveness of Studying Industrial Design.